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Service of the author's Digital content
$ 300,000
A set of tools for mobile audiences
$ 150,000
Express delivery service on electric bicycles for 1 hour
$ 40,000



About us

Елена Ляшенко
Представитель Startup.Network в России


Daniil Tonkopiy

Founder & CEO, Delfast


I always recommend the Startup Network platform. It really helps to run your project with minimal investment, no matter if you have a small business or a business aimed at conquering the global market. There’s enough of money for everyone! :)

Roman Belkin

CEO, Cardiomo


Startup.Network is an excellent tool for attracting investments. I recommend this platform to all young entrepreneurs. For example, I posted my project here and scored some positive results!

Andrey Bulavinov

CEO, Mymobstr


Startup.Network is a very important milestone for our startup. You can even say - a turning point. Young projects simply need a service that helps build confidence in their idea, polishes it and brings it to the users.


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Business investments play a crucial role in the development of the economy of any country. Investing is always carried out according to certain rules that ensure the effectiveness of the project, allow you to control investments and make a profit.

In order to make a decision to invest, potential investor has to have a sufficient data:

Only when all the necessary information is received, a professional investor makes the final decision on the specific volumes and financing of an investment project.

Investments in startups

Startups are business projects that are at the stage of initial development. As usual, at the heart of any startup is an original and promising idea or a new technology.

Financial support of startups development with a goal of turning a project to a successful business is also called venture capital investments. Startup.Network is an investment platform of investments in business and development of successful startups.

With help of our platform You can:

Startup.Network is a platform, on which entrepreneurs with ideas or business plans, but without sufficient financial resources, can find investment.

Initiators of projects

We are in contact with various investors in Russia and beyond, ready to finance the implementation of profitable ideas.

Sources of financing startup projects may be different:

To get financing for the initiator, it is important to correctly present Your project.

It should be understandable for a potential investor.

The interface of the investment platform Startup.Network is specially designed  considering the standardized requirements for submitting information to potential investors.

Professional consultants provide the necessary legal support, help to develop and adapt a business plan, organize a search for funding sources.

For investors

Investing in startups is a business. And, like any business,  it must be profitable.

We are looking for ideas worthy of investment. Startup.Network selects and presents the most promising startups.

We select projects that meet the requirements.

It is enough to leave an application for investor, pointing out the priorities depending on:

Consultants will choose the best option, considering Your priorities.

On the Startup.Network platform You can find Yourself the most interesting startups for investments.

Experts of the investment platform Startup.Network provide qualified support on investment in startups, purchase and sale of a business, investment strategy and venture capital management.

Startup.Network it’s a wide range of projects from different sectors of the economy.  

Startup.Network is a private investments, that can turn an idea to a profitable business.

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