Photo - A new type of tourism for Russia - Overlanding

A new type of tourism for Russia - Overlanding

Russia, Khabarovsk region
Market: Tourism, sport
Stage of the project: Idea or something is already done

Date of last change: 08.12.2018
Min investment
$  20.000
Total required
$ 300.000
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Investments in the promising Overland Tourism project in Siberia (Baikal, Altai, BAM and others regions..), widely developed abroad but not known in Russia.

Overland tourism is a budget road trip (expedition) in a group with other tourists on a specially equipped overland truck car along a certain route.
Overland Truck is a hybrid of a truck and a bus (in Russia it is a kind of a “shift bus”), specially prepared for budget trips (expeditions) of tour groups.

Current Status

The project is at the implementation stage of the idea.
The options for purchasing an all-wheel-drive truck of the “rotational bus” class have been worked out, and its further refurbishment to the needs of year-round comfortable travel tour groups. Ready Tech.
The task of re-equipment of these cars, taking into account experienced travelers and specialists in this technology in the regions of Siberia and northern winter roads.
The variants of the most profitable routes for transportation of tour groups are worked out.
There is a group in the social network Facebook,
in which preliminary applications from potential foreign customers to participate in a week or more Overland Journey and are ready to pay up to 1500 EUR with a still absent and non-working project are already being received.


This type of tourism as Overland travel dynamically develops and expands every year due to the formation of new companies, is popular in countries such as: Central and South America, Iceland, Asia, Africa and Europe with their seemingly small territories for this kind of tourism. .

On the territory of Russia we will be the first in Overland Tourism, and taking into account the development and popularity of various kinds of tourism, not only among compatriots, but also an annual increase in the inflow of foreign tourists to Russia, we have all the prerequisites for the development, expansion and increase in profits.

Problem or Opportunity

This type of services to the tourism industry in Russia and in particular in Siberia as a current is absent. The Overland Tourism project provides opportunities for any tourist to visit a greater number of interesting places and sights of Siberia, while having a stable accommodation and food which is included in the price of a tour (expedition).
Tourists are not tied to a particular place and the environs of this place; on the comfortable Overland Truck they change these places and visit more sights. Many interesting places and sights are sometimes not possible to visit without a specially prepared car,
but it can be done freely on an all-wheel drive off-road truck, such as a shift bus.

With the help of WikiCards (points of interesting places on the satellite map), tour groups have the opportunity, by common agreement, to adjust the route and, thereby, choose interesting places for recreation and excursions.
Equipped Overland Truck allows tour groups not only to move around comfortably, but also gives them the opportunity for a comfortable overnight stay, meals and transportation of additional tourist equipment for interesting and good rest.

Solution (product or service)

Not expensive, budget travel of tourist groups on specially equipped Overland Trucks in comfortable conditions for certain routes and territories.


There are no competitors in Russia.

Advantages or differentiators

The tourist flow to Siberia increases every year, and the flow of tourists from abroad increases. The Overland tourism service will be in demand as a budget tourism with a wide coverage of places and attractions of Siberia.


Expected profit for one month of the project:

- profit from one tourist: from 800 euros to 1,500 euros
- period of one round: 7 or 14 days
- number of tourists in one Overland Truck: up to 30 people
- time for tours: summer and winter

The profit of one Overland Truck for 14 days of its work with full tourist occupancy is 90,000 euros per month.
The average profit for one month from two trucks (with their work no more than 14 days per month) is more than 60,000 euros or more than 720,000 euros in one year.

The average profit from one "Overland Truck" = more than 360,000 euros per year, with a maximum profit of 1,080,000 euros (with constant full occupancy).

Business model

Expansion of the Overland Truck Park, introduction of new budget tour routes (expeditions) in Siberia (Altai, around Lake Baikal, routes to the north of Siberia (Yakutia, Chukotka) and many other options. Various terms of tour routes (expeditions), dates from weeks or more.

Money will be spent on

- Purchase of 2 trucks, four-wheel drive cars (bus).
In order to eliminate the risks, the payment of penalties and our reputation associated with the possible problems of Overland Trukov, it is necessary to have a second car for a safety net. Always be able to quickly replace these cars.

Serious re-equipment of cars for comfortable movement of tourist groups, transportation of things and tourist inventory.
- Acquisition of tour inventory.
- Creating an online business card project for receiving applications and payments.
- Obtaining a state travel agent license (500,000 rubles).
Rental of premises (for equipment and office) until the project comes to self-sufficiency.
Payment of salary to project staff to project self-sufficiency.
- Advertising and promotion of the project,
- Other expenses (10% of the investment sum).


The risks are average.


Photo 1 - A new type of tourism for Russia - Overlanding
Photo 2 - A new type of tourism for Russia - Overlanding

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