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Russia, Sverdlovsk region
Market: Culture, art, Blockchain
Stage of the project: Idea or something is already done

Date of last change: 12.10.2018
Min investment
$  4.000.000
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$ 72.630.000
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International platform for talent promotion, IP protection

Current Status

Development of technical documentation for the development of data center, Starting the ICO


You are an unrecognized expert in your business. Do you lack
the attention of potential fans of your works? Confused in the
sources of publications? Material values do not suit their quality and
quantity? Of course, you want to spend your precious time creating
more great works. Why annoy people by trying to sell something to
them? You are above all these material needs, you are a gifted and
talented person of art. A real art should not have anything to do
with commerce.
In general: sales are clearly not your strong point, right? And
what about the protection of copyright and fight unscrupulous
The biggest problem is that being or not being a good hybrid - a
self-producer, marketer and lawyer in one person - is a matter of
life and death for any creator. When you become slightly popular,
you may well meet an investor who can help you with promotion.
But how to achieve such a protected popularity is a question of a
broad profile, requiring additional knowledge. But until then, either
you forget about creativity and go to some more mundane work,
or learn to protect and sell your creativity.

Problem or Opportunity

Low level of private authorial activity (domination belongs to the business sector)

Low level of interaction between business and entrepreneurs with intellectual property (lack of a quality direct “bridge” between the author and business)

Lack of a high-quality and uninterrupted ecosystem available to authors of the “initial link”, as well as the presence of an authority factor among authors and the possibility of excluding the term “turn”

Constant difficulties with tracing the violation of property rights on the object of the author.

Solution (product or service)

Providing the author, who is in a "sleep" and "home conditions" mode, the possibility of full involvement in publication and popularization with access to an expert audience.

A platform that allows quickly, in a quality and understandable language to establish interaction between the author and the person interested in the usefulness of his work for himself, as well as allowing to ensure rapid organization of the team decision by combining the authors into one project.

Multifunctional platform with the possibility of the maximum rapid development of the author, as a holder of cultural value in the form of his work.

Own algorithm for recognizing duplication of an audiovisual and text object on the Internet, which will speed up the processing of data to identify copyright infringement, up to automatic notification of the author in the case of using his work.


Patentico, DeepOnoin, BeatStars, AudioJungle

Advantages or differentiators

- regardless of the quality of his work and the level of skills
to enter the global market of world culture of unique works,
regardless of his geographical location, attachment to religion,
material well-being;
- the choice of a decentralized network for depositing and storing
meta-data, with the provided emergency solution in case of failure
of server capacity;
- it is with the help of our multi-platform that the global task of
finding and selecting a qualified team of professionals of the highest
level in a few steps will be resolved;
- «home» performers of works that do not have the skills of
a marketing component, will be able to realize themselves and
fully reveal all their creative potential with the help of one multiplatform.


We are accustomed to pay attention to values and benefits,
which means that we could not ignore such a kind of service as
monetizing your own work. Each service developed by us, is able to
bring creativity of any author to the level of constant income and
materialization, which first of all will positively affect the increase in
demand for platform services.
Immediately after providing the deposit service (and it is key, since
it is the deposit of each intellectual property object that makes our
platform a repository of unique creativity), each user will be given
a free opportunity to temporarily place the object on the marketplace
“Brain Market”.

Uniqueness and necessity are two factors that had an advantage during
the development of logic and the importance of services. The team “Brain
Space” has always tried, tries and will try to adhere to the rate of growth
of innovations and develop products exclusively using up-to-date modern
techniques and algorithms.
Each service presented on the project has the quality of uniqueness and
objective explanation.

Money will be spent on

1% - Community events, seminarsTokens: 1.0%
28% - Data Center
8% - Expansion launching, Operations, Global Office and Cryptosystem (CS)
1% - Expenses related to ICO
2% - Obtaining legal status and licenses
15% - Listing on Cryptus and Exchange, Marketing and Business Development
15% - Backup
7% - Team
5% - Technical development and continuous platform development
2% - Attraction of users
14% - Support for the staff of specialists (education)
2% - Legal and financial services, possible tax deductions
1% - Community events, seminars

Offer for investor

- will be given the opportunity to speedily increase their income
from investing in the development of this or that author, the
object of IP;
- the possibility of a uniform and equivalent distribution of funds
in a unique object of cultural value, able to stand out in the world
market and get maximum popularization;
- the ability to manage assets in the right direction with the
maximum exception of the risk factor

Team or Management


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